What is The People’s Gallery?

The People’s Gallery is unique as it is owned and run by its members for its members. For an annual cost of only £15 per annum a member can hang (according to size ) up to four pictures a month, without a vigorous submission process. The pictures or other artworks can be offered for sale and the gallery takes 20% commission which is then put back into the gallery to help with running costs. This truly is ART FOR THE PEOPLE

How do I become a member?

Joining The People’s Gallery is easy, all you need is a passion for art at any level, from complete beginner to professional.

Who runs The People’s Gallery?

The day to day running of the gallery is entirely run by volunteers who enjoy working with artists and the community. The gallery is always looking for new volunteers who are keen to help in developing this exciting project. The membership is represented by the management committee who oversee the whole project. The People’s gallery is entirely self financing – we get no grants or income from any other groups or councils.

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